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Keep Cool

When the thermometer begins to climb on those hot summer days, there’s not much you can do about it. When its 100 degrees and the sun is low in the sky, there’s not a bit of shade in the world that can help. With our quality misting systems you wont even notice the rising temperatures. Instead, you and your family or guests will be enveloped in a cool refreshing mist that naturally cools you down no matter what.

Allergy Relief

Idaho has a number of serious allergy causes. From pollen to cottonwoods to hay, anyone with allergies can tell when its Spring, Summer or Fall. Boise has something for us all. Misting systems help remove dust, pollen and other allergens from the air. The fine water particles bind to these airborne allergens, including those on your skin/hair, and reduce your chance of inhaling them or having an allergic reaction.

Cost Efficient

It takes about 35 gallons of water to create 1 kilowatt of electricity when using natural gas/coal. A typical central air conditioner uses 3-5 kilowatts of power and 105-175 gallons of water every hour. In contrast, a small water pump only uses around 250 watts of electricity hourly which is equivalent to 1/4 of a kilowatt. A water pump only uses 5% of the power that central air conditioners needs to operate. An average sized patio consists of 10 misting nozzles and each nozzle uses 16.25 gallons every hour. Not only are you keeping cool and saving money by utilizing misters, you’re also helping the environment stay cool by saving water!

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Top Of The Line, High-Pressure Mister Systems

Keep cool even during the hottest summer days. Designed to last year after year, our systems are made with only the highest quality components. Our American made pumps are not only strong but they can also run dry for hours, just in case something happens. These pumps are designed to be as close to soundless as we can get them. Our tubing and pipe fittings are made from the highest quality stainless steel which is powder coated to protect from corrosion and match any structure.

We all know Idaho gets HOT in the summer and when that mercury creeps over 90, even the shade of an umbrella or a big cottonwood tree doesn’t help much. That’s where we come in!

Superior Performance

Using our pressure treated steel tubing (in your choice of color) and clog free nozzles combined with our state of the art 1000 psi pumps, our mister systems simply do not compare to the cheap mister hoses found in box stores.

With multiple easily interchangeable nozzles, customers can choose the exact thickness of the mist they want, perfectly adjusting each system to its environment. This means no drips or puddles. No heavy mist ruining visibility. Just the right amount of mist to keep you cool without any discomfort. 

Combine the nozzles with the modular features of our powder coated steel pipe system and each system can be designed to perfectly fit any space. This means no more mist where you don’t want it…only where you do! Spaces and Gaps? High and low areas? No problem! 

  • Residential Patios

    Stay cool as you entertain your friends and family in your outdoor areas.

  • Restaurants & Bars

    Outdoor resort and restaurant misting systems are a must during warm weather to keep your patrons cool.

  • Greenhouses

    Greenhouse misting and fogging systems provide the ideal moisture conditions suitable for greenhouse productivity.

  • Livestock Barns

    Keep your animals cool and avoid heat stroke with our stainless steel misting systems.

it's not only the superior design capabilities and performance that set us apart.

Our systems are safer and healthier than normal misters for a few very simple reasons.

Normal cheap plastic hose misters sag and collect water. When the cheap system is off and the water sits or heats up, it can actually grow many different types of bacteria such as Legionella. These problems don’t exist with Mr. Mister systems because our steel tubes dont sag and our pumps operate at such a high pressure that water can’t collect in the system. This means nothing but clean, safe mist for you, your family and your guests. Guaranteed. Scehdule a free consultation today!