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Cleaner and Healthier

I don’t know about you but the last thing I’d want my grandkids to inhale is bacteria laden water. Even worse, what if the customers at your restaurant have this water sprayed onto their food? It could be a catastrophe. 

High pressure mister systems with leveled metal steel pipe negate the sagging and collection of water. Add to this the extreme pressure of our 1000 psi pump and there’s never a place for water to accumulate. Without stagnant water, these bacteria simply can’t grow. Keeping your family, customers and livestock cool and safe. That’s just another reason to install professional grade misters at your location…and we hope you use Mr. Misters when you do. Stay Cool Idaho.

Day In And Day Out,
Season After Season,
Our Pumps Run Strong.

 A 1000 psi pump that lasts years completes the package giving the system the strength it needs to cover hundreds of square feet and the durability it needs to handle years worth of work. The pump can even run dry for hours in case someone forgets to turn on a hose.

The combination of these factors means these are simply the best mister systems on the market. And it shows.
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Custom Layout Exactly How You Want It

Need misters here over the entrance but a gap there for your wood bar and then again 15 feet later over the patio? No problem. Want misters on two different levels of your patio? We can do that. Don’t want them to drip on the concrete around the pool and cause a falling hazard? We’ve got you covered. Need them to keep your horses cool but don’t want them to ruin your tack? We can help. Whatever your application, Mr. Misters can install a system to perfectly suit your needs.